Election Propaganda

Mass Observation worked with the Labour Party in Bolton during the January 1938 Farnworth by-election. They were interested in learning how propaganda could influence people’s opinions.

Mass Observation later used this knowledge to help the Ministry of Information develop propaganda during World War 2.

Leaflet for Labour Candidate George Tomlinson

The leaflet includes Ethel Tomlinson’s appeal to female voters.

Election News

Conservative candidate Herbert Ryan’s election newsletter.

Tomlinson's Election Special

Labour candidate George Tomlinson’s election newsletter.

Analysis of Election Speeches

A visual analysis of speeches made during the 1938 Farnworth by-election by speakers including Herbert Ryan and George Tomlinson.

Hear Hear Conservatives

Topics which raised “Hear, Hear” from the audience during Conservative election speech.

Hear Hear Labour

Topics which raised “Hear, Hear” from the audience during Labour election speech.

Herbert Ryan Polling Card

A leaflet showing voters how and where to vote for Conservative candidate Herbert Ryan on 27 January 1938.