Humphrey Spender’s Camera

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    Although the nominal size of the 35mm still format is 36 x 24mm, in reality few cameras have a film gate which is exactly those dimensions. Most will be slightly longer or shorter, or even a fraction wider or narrower. Usually you are talking about less than a millimetre, perhaps fractions of a millimetre but it will be consistent every frame. One way to distinguish cameras is by precise dimensions of each negative (most easily calculated simply by previewing a frame in scanner software which typically measures its size).

    The precise shape of gate corners can sometimes vary from camera to camera, worth looking at.

    I own both vintage Leica and Contax II rangefinders which I have repaired and use myself. The results from the Zeiss lenses of the Contaxes, in particular, with sharp, fine grained modern films are unbelievable. If further detail is needed apropos distinguishing which negs/which cameras, I’m happy to offer what advice I may.

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