Worktown to Cottonopolis


Join a special Worktown inspired event being put on for the Manchester Histories Festival.

A day long workshop based upon the Mass Observation archive of everyday working-class life in Bolton in the late nineteen-thirties. Explore the working and social lives of a Lancashire cotton town.

Learn about Bolton Museum’s Humphrey Spender’s Worktown Collection and his contribution to social documentary  photography.

Join us and the award winning cartoonist Tony Husband(Private Eye, the Times) and become a Mass Observer for a day. At 11.30 we will travel from Worktown (Bolton) to Cottonopolis (Manchester) by train, bus or car. Participants will be encouraged to document their journey by taking photographs, making notes and tweeting and will also be asked to observe in particular happiness, hats and shopping.

The tickets for the event are free  but participants must pay for their own travel.

Please book your place by emailing Bethan Atkins  Children must be accompanied by an adult

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