Worktown’s 75th Anniversary – Free Public Seminar at Bolton Museum

Join us for an afternoon of free talks about Mass Observation, the Worktown project and Humphrey Spender’s pioneering documentary photography. The talks will be followed by a screening of Stranger than Fiction, a feature length documentary about the Worktown observers directed by Ian Potts.

Saturday 6th October, 12.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m

12.30 An introduction to Mass Observation (Caroline Edge, University of Bolton)

1.00 Mass Observation and Photography (Russell Roberts, University of Wales, Newport)

1.30 Worktown’s Lost Locations (Ian Trumble, Bolton Museum)

2.00 Refreshments

2.30 Humphrey Spender: photographing the everyday in Mass Observation’s Worktown (Dr Robert Snape, University of Bolton)

3.00 Stranger than Fiction Film Screening


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