Sports, Spectacles and Spectators exhibition at Bolton Museum

From Saturday 9th March to  Sunday 25th May

The theme for this year’s Humphrey Spender John Marriot Scholarship for Social Documentary Photography is ‘Sports, Spectacles and Spectators’. This scholarship is supported by Bolton Le Moors Rotary Club and the University of Bolton.

Throughout the Scholarship, photographer Richard Gaskill will explore the interwoven layers of emotion that lie between sports, spectacles and the Boltonians who observe these events. The images in this exhibition are an introduction to this year long project.

The next instalment of photographs will focus on spectators who observe the sports and spectacles within the Bolton area.

Richard is looking for volunteers who live in the Borough of Bolton to work with him on the next part of the project.

To find out more please contact Richard on 07977230172 or visit

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