Copyright information for Bolton Council material

Images on this site labelled as “Copyright Bolton Council” cannot be reproduced without seeking permission first.

Please read the following then submit your enquiry using the form below.


  • You need to supply the reference numbers and/or links to photographs that you are interested in. Some images are very similar to each other and many titles are duplicates.

Non-commercial publication


If you are publishing on a personal blog or other web site please refer to the following guidelines:

  • The Spender photographs must not be cropped or edited in any way
  • The Copyright notice embedded in the image must be left intact
  • The article must link back to this site –
  • You must host any images on your server
  • We may ask you to limit the number of images that you use
  • Please let us know. Apart from anything else we might want to give your site a plug
  • If you don’t ask our permission we will probably get in contact with you, which can potentially be embarrassing

Academic use

  • We will always ask for a copyright credit to be included in papers and presentations
  • For small academic prints runs we usually request 2 copies in lieu of any fee
  • For academic web use please see the guidelines above

Commercial publication

If you would like to reproduce images for print, web reproduction or broadcast media please contact us using the form below.

Details of our fees will be given on request.

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